Traditional Alsatian cuisine

The Winstub restaurant “Aux 2 roses” in Neuf Brisach welcomes you in its friendly and pleasant alsatian settings.

In the hotel of the same name, our alsacian Caveau favors relaxation, as a couple, with friends or for your business meals.

On its walls, numerous alsatian photographs and engravings, representing local art, the wineyard steeped in history, will be silent witnesses to your well being. You will find this alsatian history in the Regional dishes offered there, at low prices but also in those resulting from the Chef’s imagination and fantasy.

Terrasse intérieure

Winstub restaurant

In summer, enjoy the meals served on our interior terrace.

Our restaurant in Neuf Brisach welcomes you every EVENING from April to December

We also welcome you independently of the hotel in our Winstub or in the dining room with shaded garden.

At the lunch time we are open exclusively for groups from 10 people.

Our tartes flambées

The real homemade ones!

For the little story … Tarte flambée (in Alemannic/Alsatian Flammekueche or Flammeküche, in standard German Flammkuchen) is a traditional Alsatian dish.

The tarte flambée base: white cheese, cooked onions and bacon bits. On site or to take away.

Les fameuses Flammenkueche

On site or to take away

Thin “homemade” bread dough topped with fromage blanc, fresh cream, fine bacon bits and cooked onions

La nature
bacon bits, onions, cream
The gratin
bacon bits, onions, cream, grated cheese
bacon bits, onions, cream, Munster cheese
The Strasburgeoise
bacon bits, onions, cream, cooked sauerkraut, sausages
La Provençale (without lardons)
Goat cheese, onions, cream, tomatoes, maître d’hotel butter
The mushrooms
Paris mushrooms, bacon bits, onions, cream

Flambeed pied at will

The formula that made our reputation …

At the fixed price of €16.50/person, you can enjoy tasting all our savory tartes flambées accompanied by green salad and to close the feast, our sweet tartes flambées.


Flambéed seet pies

Flambéed appel tart8.50€
Tarte flambée with red fruits8.50€

Bucking supplement: 5€

Cartes et menus

Our menu group

Our restaurant is at your disposal with a personalized welcome for your groups for your lunches and dinners

December card

The 2roses team presents its card for the end of the year celebrations.

* Nos prix s’entendent TTC et en €. Une seule entrée, un seul plat et dessert devront être retenus pour l’ensemble des convives.

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